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Taking a Horse Movie to the Races - Slideshow

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135th Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird will return to greet fans
at the Kentucky Derby Museum this spring.

Kentucky Derby Museum

Jim Wilson Interview
Jim Rome Show - CBS Sports Radio

Director's Cut Radio talks with Actor Christian Kane about playing Mark Allen in "50 to 1," filming in beautiful New Mexico and taking the film on the road with the "50 to 1 tour."

Director's Cut Radio talks with Actor Christian Kane

Out of the Gate with ... Faith Conroy
America's Best Racing

"This is a John Wayne, Howard Hawks kind of movie.
It starts out with a good bar fight."

50 to 1 - Behind the Scenes with William Devane

"It was such an honor to get a chance to play a leading lady in a film that's not a damsel in distress or a femme fatale."

50 to 1 - Behind the Scenes with Madelyn Deutch

"It was nice to meet people outside of the Hollywood world."

50 to 1 - Behind the Scenes with Todd Lowe

Check out America's Best Racing interview of Jim Wilson and Faith Conroy at Gulfstream racetrack in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

The Inspiration for Feature Film 50 to 1
America's Best Racing

"It's so real. I have never seen a horse movie as real as this one."

50 to 1 - Behind the Scenes with jockey Calvin Borel

"I got to play someone that a: I respect, b: I fell in love with, and c: is a real American cowboy."

50 to 1 - Behind the Scenes with Christian Kane

"I know when I want to do something because I can't stop thinking about it ... the moment I closed the script the first time I read it, it hasn't left my thoughts."

50 to 1 - Behind the Scenes with Skeet Ulrich

"The idea of getting on a bus is pretty novel — and also going to not just the major cities but to go out into the heartland of America."

50 to 1: Mine That Bird movie cast literally following
road to Kentucky Derby


"This is not your traditional Hollywood film. It's more of a romp..."

Jim Wilson Interview on Down The Stretch
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Thoroughbred Daily News

"I'm a real sucker for underdog tales, and this was one."

Year of the Horse, Horsey Resolutions, 50 to 1 Producer Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson interview starts 56 minutes into show
Horse Radio Network

"The plan for the film's release is to take it state by state, starting in New Mexico, and almost following Mine That Bird's path to the Kentucky Derby as the movie heads east. ... It's unorthodox, but then so is driving a Kentucky Derby-winning horse across the country in a trailer hitched to a pick-up truck. ... Just like Mine That Bird, Jim Wilson doesn't need to spend a lot of money to prove to you that what he's hauling in his truck is the real deal. And when he lets it out to run, that sucker's gonna romp." - Writer David Hill

'50 to 1' a Throwback and a Romp
America's Best Racing

"I'd been looking for a horse story for a long, long time to put on the screen, so I went down to Roswell, New Mexico. I met with the owners, Mark Allen, Leonard Blach, eventually the trainer, Chip Woolley, and I said 'Oh my gosh, these are the most colorful characters you can find.' That coupled with this race, I said, 'I'm hooked.'" - '50 to 1' Producer/Director Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson Interview for Race Day America
Horse Racing TV (HRTV)

"I actually did spend time with Bird. Believe it or not, I went down to Roswell, New Mexico, and spent time giving him peppermints, and I said, 'Buddy, you can't pick up the phone. I can. I'm going to make your story." - '50 to 1' Producer/Director Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson Interview at the 2013 Breeders' Cup
Santa Anita Park, CA
Horse Racing TV (HRTV)

"This story had all the cinematic elements you could ask for. It's been a real adventure and one I am proud to share with the world." - '50 to 1' Producer/Director Jim Wilson

Odds are that '50 to 1' will be a hit
around these parts next spring

The Courier-Journal - Louisville, Ky, Writer Jonathan Lintner

"This horse must be a bionic horse to do something like that, and it's almost unbelievable until you see it." - Christian Kane (Mark Allen)

"It's such a heart warming story. ... When I read (the script) at first, I was like 'this can't be real' and then I watched the video of (the race), and all you feel from it is just the heart of that horse." - Skeet Ulrich (Chip Woolley)

'50 to 1', the movie about Mine That Bird
Actors & Director Interview

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