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The cast and filmmakers of 50 to 1 hit the road rock-star style on a cross-country tour that began March 17, 2014 to promote the major motion picture's theatrical release. 

Cast members on tour were Skeet Ulrich, Christian Kane, Madelyn Deutch, Todd Lowe, Hugo Perez and Jamie McShane. Also on tour were filmmakers Jim Wilson and Faith Conroy, and as a very special treat, the realMine That Bird made special appearances along the way.

"We wanted to bring 50 to 1 to the people of America," Wilson said. The tour mirrored not only the true story, but also the release of the film, and crisscrossed its way from town to town from New Mexico to Kentucky. 



"I'm extremely excited to hit the road with a film I'm very proud to be a part of. It seems fitting we'd be selling our wares from a gypsy-like caravan, given the underdog nature of our story, and I'm hoping this journey answers three burning questions. One, are audiences tired of the blockbuster and ready to be uplifted by the values of hard work and integrity? Two, can we inspire our audiences to stick to their guns and do what they love at all costs? And three, does Christian snore louder than Todd?"

"I've done tours before. I'm excited! It's old hat for me in the sense that when you love something so much, you will put 18 wheels and lives in motion just to bring it into town and say, 'I hope you like this. I made this for you.' "


"Shooting 50 to 1 was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am so proud of the film - how it makes you feel, and what it stands for - and THAT is why I'm so excited to get out on the road, and share it with as many people as possible!"

"Man, this almost feels like we're carnies or something, or an old whistle-stop political campaign. I'm looking forward to rolling into different towns and shaking hands and kissing babies."

"It'll be a fun, fun road trip vacation for me, part of the dream life I want to live. It's also an honor and I'm so fortunate to be a part of this adventure."

"I thought, why not meet the audience this movie is intended for, introduce them to the stars and shake their hands. It's the audience that matters the most. It's why we make these stories, to share them with the world."

"Personally, I've always wanted to be a rock star and seriously, traveling across the country for weeks on end with a busload of gorgeous cowboys? Sign me up!"


"I'll race you guys to the theater!"

"When was the last time Hollywood's leading men hopped on a bus  and toured the country from town to town, introducing their film to the people of America ? It's unprecedented."
Jim Wilson